Tina Tan

Columbia Missourian Election Coverage

My team and I spent a semester helping the Columbia Missourian, a community news organization, to optimize their digital election covergae and to engage with their target audience -- college students and local residents. We created an “all-encompassing social media campaign” for the 2020 election season and this is one of the prototypes we made during our research. Columbia Missourian posted this the day before Missouri Presidential Primary Election on their Instagram account and received almost 700 views. You can learn more about the social media campaign from the aricle here.

Rural businesses struggle to get up to speed on high speed internet

Missouri ranks 41st in the country for broadband connection, and that number may be too positive considering Missouri’s larger cities. Over 1 million people in the state live without high speed internet, something that some consider a necessity. This lack of access prevents people from communicating and working from home while forcing them to pay high prices for poor internet.

This is an Instagram story I made as part of the broadband internet multimedia story. We interviewed residents and business owners in Glasgow, Missouri and Chamois, Missouri to share their views of the importance of high-speed internet.

Columbia tries to ban conversion therapy despite possible challenges from state

This is an Instagram story I made for the conversion therapy multimedia story that shows the transparancy of our reporting process of covering the issue. We went to Columbia's city council meeting in which they first read and discussed the ordinance of a conversion therapy ban for minors in Columbia, Missouri We also interviewed two of our sources on the scene.